About Triangle Beer Scene

The Triangle beer scene is a vibrant and active community full of interesting people, unique places, fun events and of course great beer.

We like beer, but we are interested in more than just beer; we enjoy the multitudes of activities being organized by Triangle beer enthusiasts. On any given week here in the Triangle region of North Carolina you can join a running or biking or hiking club that somehow organizes at a local brew pub, tap room, bottle shop or brewery. We have recently even heard about a yoga class being offered at a local brewery; hey why not!

Beer drinking does not carry the old stigma of it former decades, beer has become trendy, cool and “where it’s at”. The brewers are not grandfather types from Belgium or the Trappist Monks living in a desolate hidden abbey, rather they tend to be young American professionals with science degrees, entrepreneurs with MBAs and others. These master brewers are the new American hipsters looking to make their living with a craft instead of opting for a corporate nine to five, sit behind a desk career.

We like the multitude of local bottle shops and brew houses you can select from within miles from one another and the ways in which they are all defining their own styles while creating the atmospheres that attract the diversity of the local beer drinker. Some establishments opt for a more chill atmosphere with mellow music subtly being streamed in the background; encouraging stimulating conversation among it patrons. Others offer up a livelier venue with multiple television screens where you can loudly cheer on your favorite sports team. You can chose a beer joint that offers up board games, trivia events or one who attracts popular, local bands on weekend nights. Some venues are so dog friendly they have water bowls and dog treats available at all times while others suggest our furry friends must remain outside. There are even many family friendly places to go where inside picnic tables and children’s games offer a more wholesome approach the whole Triangle beer scene.

We are so fortunate to live during times of a resurgence of local values, a farm to table movement, the regions exponential growth and the entrepreneurial spirit that values supporting local farmers, chefs and now brewers. The Triangle Beer Scene is and will continue to be a vibrant and expanding component to the North Carolina economy. We enjoy spending our time in the community talking with the people who are in and who help to support this expanding part of North Carolina’s history and economy. While we learn and experience all that the community has to offer we will share it with you. Hopefully you will find enjoyment in the Triangle Beer Scene as we attempt to showcase its diversity and uncover new and exciting places, people, beer and events.