Pharmacy Bottle and Beverage is Now Open!

Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage is located in the heart of what was sleepy downtown Cary, NC. What you need to know is this hip place is not just for Cary-ites, and others to hang out as they pass the time waiting for a movie at the “Cary” (the recently renovated/restored movie theater) or while getting off a train at the Amtrack station after a long day at work. If you are like us, beer scene seekers looking for a great beer and a cool atmosphere, you will want to make it over to this unique location.

Dog Friendly Cary NC
This new establishment has been open for 6 weeks now. Pharmacy got its name from the former occupants of this space; many do not know there were two pharmacies in downtown Car. This building was Mitchell’s Pharmacy from 1950-1990. The building, which is now owned by the Town of Cary, is leased to Pharmacy.

This venture has been in the works for approximately 9 months from conception to open. The location was inspired mainly because standalone buildings in downtown areas are fading fast and the desire to be an anchor for the downtown was appealing to its owner.

So what’s cool about Pharmacy?

As we walk up we notice several picnic tables outside but what immediately draws us in is that the 7-ft x 15-ft storefront windows are all slid back creating an open feeling from inside to out. The décor is industrial meets natural with exposed duct work, cement floors and wood topped tables. In the middle of the room there is large high top wooden standing counter for patrons to stand on either side and just to the right there is ample seating at the bar for another 15 customers. All in all, Pharmacy is a sizable space that can hold around 75 people.
Beer Place CaryWhite subway tile is the backdrop for the modern chrome taps behind the bar and a large chalkboard displays a great selection. The 16 taps are wisely chosen keeping everyone in mind from IPAs, to Stouts, English Pale Ales, ESB and yes, they serve wine if you have someone in your party who has not yet fallen in love with beer. Aside from the sixteen taps, Pharmacy is a bottle shop with 5 large racks available for take home purchases.

A big plus for us is that it’s dog friendly with water bowls being provided. Tonight we have enjoyed meeting quite a few four legged friends hanging out inside and out with their beer drinking owners. My husband is happy that there is a television playing and I am pleased that the sound is off so I can enjoy the music being piped in overhead.

The crowd is eclectic from young hipsters to middle agers and retirees. What we do notice is this has quickly become a gathering place. Pharmacy has helped to awaken the former popular downtown Cary area in a positive way.

Parking is located in the back of the building or in the public lot just a few hundred feet up the street. Food is not provided however you can feel free to bring along some great North Carolina BBQ from City BBQ in Cary or a Pizza from Patrick Jane’s; some of our favorite “Cary go-to’s”.Pints & Pups

Posted on: May 16, 2015, by : Jan Delory