How Our Pints and Pups Meetup Works

Our Meetups are very simple. About once a month we select a location in the Triangle that serves beer and we almost always select a place where they allow dogs inside.

We usually have our Pints & Pups events on a Saturday at 12:00. We find that most places do not have a lot of other patrons at this time and generally runs from 12 to 2. We say generally because people often show up early and stay late. There are no rules. Sometimes we have themes (such as Halloween) but most often its’ just a time and place and that’s it.

If you want to join us at our next event, just check out our Meetup Group, Facebook Group, This website or sign up for our email notifications.

Our group started in 2014 and has grown to overĀ 2,500 members. It all began with this little guy.

Pints & Pups Raleigh

This is Dooley and when he was very young, we were unable to even bring him to daycare since he was not of age to be fixed. My wife and I wanted to have him socialize with other dogs so that he would have an easy going personality since we intended to take him with us most everywhere we go.

We soon realized there were very few places that allowed dogs indoors. Since it was the middle of winter and he was very young, this posed a problem.

We found out we could take him to bottle shops and some breweries. Now, we love the craft beer scene here in the Triangle and this gave us an opportunity to enjoy beer and bring Dooley. I decided to post a group on Meetup and before you knew it, we started a following of others that enjoyed the same as we did.